Flagstaff Children & Newborn photography

I was able to spend a few hours with one of my closest friends from high school this summer while visiting my family in the Denver area. The girls were more than eager to share their new baby sister Cora with me as we played and helped mom.  Portraits in the home can often be the best way to capture a child’s personality and I loved capturing a few of these moments while visiting. Some people may think that because we are photographers, we probably have the greatest photos of our own kids. If you have any experience taking pictures of your kids, you may notice that it’s hard to be mom and the photographer at the same time. It’s a great opportunity to have a photographer come into your home and help document simple everyday experiences with your family. We love shooting families in their homes and yards. If you missed scheduling your family session with the summer flowers or fall leaves, the cooler weather may be a perfect time to plan a documentary session inside. Let us know how we can help you create family memories.

children in bedroom black and white photo


child helping with newborn

three sisters with newborn

mom and daughter on the couch with newborn