Flagstaff Editorial shoot for Community Supported Agriculture {Flagstaff CSA Portraits}

Flagstaff Editorial Photographer

The Flagstaff CSA {community supported agriculture} is a direct connection between a local
farmer and the people who eat the food they produce.
At the core of CSA is mutual commitment: communities of eaters commit
to supporting a local farmer for a season.
In return, CSA participants receive fresh, seasonal produce–sharing in
the inherent risks and the bountiful benefits of farming.  If you aspire to eat local food it doesn’t get better than this.  Buy a share, half share, or quarter share of CSA food for a season and you’ll make the switch permanently.  Contact Karna Otten for more info 928-213-6948 or stop by their downtown shop located off Cottage Street in the Beaver Street Brewery parking lot area.  Jamelle and I are reaching out to local groups we believe in and the CSA was our first *victim*!  We photographed some late spring/early summer crops from the CSA and some of the member’s kids.  We hung three framed portraits on the wall inside their shop, which you HAVE to go see in person.  SO CUTE!  The frames are made from sustainable wood and the photographs are printed on bamboo paper.  We have some great *green* framing options!  These kids are adorable. The little guy holding the potatoes is Karna’s son, Jola. Other kids are: Edie with apricots and Emma with grapefruit.

Flagstaff CSA Flagstaff CSA Flagstaff CSA apricot Flagstaff CSA grapefruit Flagstaff CSA Flagstaff CSA braids red head Flagstaff CSA grapefruit Flagstaff CSA Flagstaff CSA Flagstaff CSA