How do you compare in your pricing for photography against other photographers?

My philosophy on pricing is simple—You get what you pay for. You are paying for piece of mind and experience and for intimate weddings you are receiving our services at quite a discount compared to our larger luxury weddings. It has taken us a decade to hone our craft, and become the photographers we are today. I have shot over 250 weddings and can manage any client situation or any emergency. Not only do I know photography but I also know our products, software, equipment and how to handle all of the stresses of album design, production, delivery and running a full time business. You may find some alternative options out there that seem appealing and less expensive; however I promise their customer service cannot compare. Our best advice continues to be: stay true to your heart. If you LOVE our work, find a way to get it into your budget. If you splurge on one service at your wedding, let it be the photography… you can never go back and re-photograph a live event.