Is it okay if our family friend plans on shooting the wedding as well?

Generally speaking, the more photos of your wedding day the merrier. At intimate weddings, it’s best if the family and friends are really present to your ceremony. I ask you to consider that your parents and the groom’s parents should simply enjoy the ceremony and let us do the “heavy lifting.” We don’t mind if your guests snap photos; however, remember the more guests with cameras or mobile devices in their hand, the more photos of guests with cameras in their hand! Occasionally we have had an Uncle or Aunt step right in front of us during the recessional or at a critical moment in the first dance, so we ask our clients to discuss the photography priorities with known family “photographers.” I do request that during the intimate portraits of just the bride and groom, we have you to ourselves. Frankly, it’s just awkward to have a friend or parent along for the romantic shots and they can detract from the natural moments.