What you need to know about High School Senior Photos

Here’s a quick FAQ about high school senior photos

How to choose a location? Your senior photo session is a collaboration! We want to pick a location that fits your style and personality and that will also give us great light for photography. We often use the natural outdoor surroundings in Flagstaff, such as the fields, aspens and flowers. Downtown offers lots of texture, color and variety. Many people have private property with barns, old trucks and other fun props for photos. Nothing is off limits! I will help you make good decisions so the session is fun, unique and personal.

What should I wear? Seniors should wear something that reflects your personal style. Our classic session includes two outfits. You may choose to keep a casual outfit and a more dressy outfit. I recommend you think about your background when choosing an outfit. A forest green dress may not give the pop you need in a forest of pine trees. Pay attention to details, belts, nails, watches, bracelets. These details are important and help pull and outfit together.

How do I share my photos? All of our sessions will be proofed to the client in an online gallery. This link is private, however, you may share with any family and friends. Your session also includes a few digital files. These files may be shared on social media and used for your personal preferences.

Can I make graduation cards? Our studio can create custom graduation cards or holiday cards for families. You may also use your digital files at online card shops such as “minted” or “tiny prints”

I have a lot of school activities, when should I schedule? Summer is the best time for senior photos. Once you are back in school, the afternoons get booked up quickly with required practices and meetings for clubs. Good news though- Activities can make senior sessions fun and creative! We can shoot at the tennis courts or skate park or wear a jersey.

When should I schedule? If you have a busy schedule- make your appointment NOW! I love summer for senior sessions. The weather is great and we have long days for great lighting. Most schools have a fall yearbook deadline. If you want to use these photos in the high school yearbook, be sure to check your yearbook deadlines. Book well in advance of your deadlines. We can often accommodate rush orders, but be sure to communicate your requests when scheduling.

How do I use my photo in the yearbook? I will help you with the yearbook process. Each school works with a different yearbook company, which may have different procedures. Share with me the communication you have received from the school and I will make sure that you have a file or wallet sized print ready to go. I can often send the file directly to the school or yearbook staff. I will assist as much as possible to make sure your photo is yearbook ready, however, it is still your responsibility to follow up with your yearbook staff to make sure they have received the photo in the proper format.

Can I bring a friend to the session? Yes, bring a friend to the session. Friends make us laugh and fix our hair and help keeps things running smoothly. If you want to book a friend session, ask me about details. We can give discounts if you shoot together. You may need to split some of the time, but it may be a great option to fit it into the budget. We also offer “twin” sessions for siblings.

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