Arizona Elopement Photographer: How to Elope in Arizona

Arizona Elopements

There is no right way to get married, but a ceremony on the edge of the canyon at sunset is pretty high up there in my book. I love these adventurous souls and the intimacy that is shared with mother nature when couples choose to forget tradition and focus on their relationship. An elopement is not for everyone. There’s a lot of unexpected, such as the weather, the sun, the light, but that is what makes it an adventure! It’s all part of the charm and romance of eloping to the edge of the world. These two athletes shared their wedding vows with close friends at Horseshoe Bend overlook. Before the ceremony, we all piled into an open air truck to drive out across the beautiful Navajo lands to share in the experience of secret slot canyon. It was a great day!

Here are few basics to get you started.

  1. ┬áDecide on a location. This may depend on how adventurous you want to get. Are you bringing guests, or is this truly an elopement? Do you need permits for this location? Can you get there on your own or do you need a tour guide? To answer these questions, find a local! We know the lay of the land people. It’s important to find someone who can help you make good decisions. Most elopements aren’t hiring a full wedding planner, but they are relying on their photographer and possibly their officiant to help them make good decisions. For my elopement clients, I actually help the clients a lot more than when I just show up for a big wedding to take photos. It’s fun! I have the experience to help you choose a location and get the best transportation organized to get you there. Maybe this is just hiking, a jeep ride or a tour in the slot canyons.
  2. Get a marriage license. Plan ahead. You need a marriage license for that state you are getting married in. No brainer, right! Well, if you are coming to get married at Horseshoe Bend, you probably fly into Vegas, Nevada, then drive through southern Utah and drop just over the border in Arizona. So there is no stopping place to grab a license once you get here. Ask me about where to get your marriage license by mail for Arizona.
  3. Get your vendors in order. If you want it legal- you need two witnesses too. The photographer can serve as a witness and can often bring an assistant. Just make sure we all fit in your arranged transportation.
  4. Be Flexible and Call me! Let’s chat. There are so many amazing locations I can help you with. I’m on your team and I can help guide you through the elopement process in Sedona, Grand Canyon and the Slot Canyons. Can’t wait to hear your amazing ideas.
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