Nice to meet you!


Hello! I’m Jamelle Kelly. I’ve been shooting professional photography for the past 15 years. The time has flown by! I guess that means I was having fun.

I moved to Flagstaff for many of the same reasons couples choose to get married in the Southwest – it’s irresistible. Besides the amazing backdrop for weddings year round, it’s my family’s playground.  I fell in love and married my college sweetheart, I realized, with my husband, we have a rich heritage in Arizona and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  (Well maybe I dream about moving to an island, but who doesn’t?)

In addition to photography, I love to travel and fortunately, photography has taken me to many unique and beautiful wedding locations throughout the United States.

I finished my Masters of Fine Arts in Photography a few years ago, which was one of my accomplishments I’m most proud of and had to work the hardest to finish. My undergraduate degree is in Communications and it gave me lots of insights to the media industry including photography. You can check out my Thesis project here: Modern Family Dinner

When I’m not “working” on a photo shoot, I  enjoy my family adventures with her children, Naomi and Blair. I always have a long list of projects that get me excited about life. I’m almost ready to tackle a remodel of my shower. I just want to see if I can really do it on my own. Who knows? I may end up calling that guy who fixes everyone’s DIY disasters. I try to live a life creating a harmonious work, life balance- (I know. Everyone says that, but it’s true)  To me, everything is more attainable when I focuses on surrounding myself with uplifting and motivating people who challenge me both as an artist and as a mother. My goal is to work hard and play hard! ~and hopefully relax in the sun with a good book once in awhile.